Choosing a Country to Live In – Sources of Information

I was researching the question of whether I might prefer to live in some other city, state, or country. I found many sources of information. This post provides links to some of the more interesting sources. They are not arranged in any particular order.

My Posts

229 Very Low-Cost Cities Around the World: Data Sources
Where’s the World’s Best Weather?

Money & Cost of Living

10 Places Where Retirees Live in Poverty
Cost of Living in 388 Cities Worldwide
10 Incredible Countries Where You Can Live for Under $1,000 a Month
30 Cheapest Places Where You’ll Really Want to Retire
Bankrate Cost of Living Calculator (U.S.)
Expatistan Cost of Living
Mercer Cost of Living City Ranking
Expat Insider 2019 Survey
The Earth Awaits
Cheapest Destinations
Nations Dependent on Food Imports
Global Attitudes on Materialism, Finances and Family
How Moving To Bolivia Saved Our Retirement
How to Compare Cost of Living Across Countries
Numbeo Cost of Living (multiple tools)
Diverbo Volunteers – Teaching English Abroad
Go Overseas – Volunteer Abroad
The Cheapest Countries Where You Can Retire Well
Economist – Worldwide Cost of Living 2020
15 Cheapest Countries for Retirement
World Population Review – Cost Of Living By Country 2020
WorldData Comparison of Worldwide Cost of Living
Google: Expat Employment or Cost of Living

General-Purpose Sources on Best Places to Live

What the Happiest Places Have in Common
Hans Rosling’s 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes
Regional Quality of Living in Europe
OECD Better Life Index
Numbeo Quality of Life
Wikipedia: Most Livable Cities
Ipsos Global Trends Report
Wikipedia: UN Human Development Index
CNN Livable Cities
Pew Research: Is Life in My Country Better Now Than 50 Years Ago?
Gallup: Countries Most and Least Satisfied with Freedom
Wikipedia: Population Decline by Country
Social Progress Imperative Global Index
Best Countries to Live, Invest, and Retire Overseas
Google: Eudaimonia/Happiness/Well-Being or Best Retirement Countries or Human Life Indicator

Healthcare, Crime, Disease, Other Quality of Life Indicators

World Justice Project Rule of Law Index
Numbeo Crime
Intrinsic Honesty and Rule Violation Across Societies
CDC: Travelers’ Health – Destinations
EWG Tap Water Database (U.S.)
Air Quality: Rich vs. Poor Countries
U.S. State Department Travel Advisories
Vision of Humanity Peace Indexes
Google: Sustainable Development – Global Burden of Disease or Gallup World Poll or Gallup Law and Order or Most Peaceful Countries or Holistic/Collectivistic Nations

Other General Sources on Traveling & Living Abroad

International Living: World’s Best Places to Retire 2020
Gallup: Countries Considered Good for Migrants
What Retirement Is Like in 50 Places Around the World
The Best Time to Visit Anywhere in the World
Escape Artist: Living Overseas
Expat Explorer: Hints & Tips
InterNations Expat Insider
FindACrew – Sail Abroad
WikiTravel: Crossing the Ocean by Yacht
International Bicycle Safety Guide
Google: Cheap Overseas Shipment

Specific Countries – A Sampler

Retirement in Sri Lanka
Immigration New Zealand
Australian Visa Bureau
IDB – Public Policy & Development in Latin America
Blood Donation in Latin America
Samoa Climate Change Resilience
British Virgin Islands – Island-Hopping
Cuenca (Ecuador) High Life

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