About This Blog

This blog discusses leisure. There is actually an academic field called leisure research (or leisure sciences, or leisure studies), and I was pursuing a PhD in it.  I was a little too frank about the corruption I encountered in that program, at Indiana University.  They retaliated by preventing me from graduating.  But that’s another story.

Among leisure-related topics, this blog contains a number of posts focusing on the interface between what economists see as employment vs. unemployment — what most people experience as not enough free time vs. too much free time.  You can view the full lists of posts, from any page, by clicking the Archives link (above).  You can also use the Search box to find specific material.

Another page has the list of my other blogs.  Among those, you will see my home website.  It has links to my résumé, my contact form, and other materials.

I hope you find these materials useful.  If you do, please lend your support by commenting and sharing.


Ray Woodcock


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